Hospitais Brasil – Doctoralia brings the new trends on the health sector in 2023

Promote better experience in patient journey and humanize health service. This is one of Doctoralia premises, the world’s largest health platform, which has just introduced the new trends for the sector in 2023. The material gathers 25 testimonials from professionals who are reference in the market.

“For Doctoralia is an honor to launch another Health Trends edition, bringing together authorities to talk about what they think of the segment future in the country. All insights shared on this material are relevant to help us understand the sector’s directions. This initiative enriches the market and reiterates our mission in making health experience more human,” says Cadu Lopes, Brazil, Peru and Chile Doctoralia CEO.

When you access the material, you can find 25 videos up to two minutes, from experts such as Silvio Maia, Feegow CEO; Luiz Noronha, DNA Capital associate; Dr. Antônio Carlos Endrigo, Chief Information Officer at APM – São Paulo Medical Association; Dr. Gustavo Kuster, Neomed CEO and Founder; Renata Salvador Grande, Chief Commercial and Marketing Officer at Rede Mater Dei de Saúde; Dr. Jefferson Gomes Fernandes, Global Summit Telemedicine & Digital Health chairman; Joel Rennó Jr., Memed CEO; Charles Almeida Ataide, Santa Casa de Porto Alegre CIO, and other references in health and technology management.

“Our goal is to anticipate innovations that’s going to impact the health sector. One that stands out is the advancement of Open Health, a data sharing model, which, in health, is based on the fact that opening such information helps improve the quality of care offered,” says Silvio Maia, Feegow CEO, leading management software for offices and clinics.

For Luiz Noronha, associate at DNA Capital, health-oriented investment manager, one of the trends this year is related to digital journeys, both for patients and service providers. “We go beyond telemedicine, we’ll have more information shared digitally between patients and providers whether through wearables or health data sharing with their doctor,” he adds.

Dr. Antônio Carlos Endrigo, Chief Information Officer at APM – São Paulo Medical Association, believes that interoperability is among key 2023 trends. “This is a topic already found in bills and will have great impact for citizens and managers, payment source, health plans, or service providers,” he says. To view all testimonials and keep an eye on key health trends, just fill out this form and access opinions from all authorities that contribute to creating the material.

Source: Portal Hospitais Brasil