The first Global Summit APM 2023 Warm Up will debate digital health in the real world

The warm up event of the GS APM 5th edition will be held on May 11, at 8:30 a.m., at APM headquarters, in São Paulo.

Global Summit Telemedicine & Digital Health APM – the most relevant Latin America’s telemedicine and digital health, telehealth event, promoted by São Paulo Medical Association (APM), will have its 5th edition on November 20-22, at Frei Caneca Convention Center in the capital of São Paulo – will hold the first 2023 Warm Up next May 11th, at 8:30 a.m., at São Paulo Medical Association (APM), in the capital of São Paulo. The meeting topic will be “Digital Health in the Real world.”

This preliminary seminar for the Global Summit APM 5th edition is free and intends to bring experiences and insights on many and relevant digital health topics aiming to disseminate knowledge and drive discussion that may be of interest for GS APM 2023 congress participants and speakers.

“The Warm Up is a great opportunity to learn, expand knowledge and be up-to-date with renowned speakers from the digital health ecosystem about the sector’s trends and news,” explains neurologist and chairman of the Global Summit Telemedicine & Digital Health APM, Jefferson Gomes Fernandes.

For him, this Global Summit APM warm up also allows for networking between digital health professionals, from varying industries, organizations, enterprises and entities, and those who are independent.  Global Summit Warm ups are also a great opportunity for visibility and interaction for healthtechs. “The pandemic boomed exponentially the practice of digital health, telemedicine and telehealth in the real world, the idea is to show a little of the path we’ve walked and of what’s to come. This is one of the reasons to choose this topic for the meeting,” points out Fernandes.


The first 2023 Warm Up will have Fernandes as moderator and the following speakers:

  • Antonio Carlos Endrigo, APM Chief Information (IT) Officer and co-chairman of Global Summit chairman APM, who will talk about “What to expect from interoperability”;
  • Carlos Pedrotti, medical manager at the Telemedicine Center of Hospital Israelita Albert Einstein, who will address “Telemedicine in scale: how to ensure service quality?”;
  • Chao Lung Wen, chairman of the Brazilian Association of Telemedicine and Telehealth (ABTms) and associate professor at the University of São Paulo (USP), who will explain “Logistics telemedicine and integrated telehealth for 5.0 future health”; and
  • Victor Gadelha, neurologist and Head of Medical Innovation at Hospitais da Dasa, who will talk about “Artificial intelligence as base technology for future health.”

All registration vacancies have been filled in, which shows the importance of the debate and interest in discussing topics so relevant for the digital health ecosystem.

About the Global Summit Telemedicine & Digital Health APM

The largest and most relevant Latin America’s telemedicine and digital health event, lasting three days, the Global Summit APM, an initiative by the São Paulo Medical Association (APM), brings together domestic and international experts to debate trends that are transforming the health world. The agenda, focused on content experiences and business, includes topics on telemedicine, telehealth and digital health of interest for physicians, health professionals, institutions and health entities, industry, academy, government, among others.