The Global Summit APM 5th edition will be held at a new venue and debate digital health for all

2023 Edition of the most relevant Latin America’s Telemedicine and Digital Health meeting will be held on November 20-22, at Frei Caneca Convention Center, in São Paulo.

Global Summit Telemedicine & Digital Health APM – the most relevant Latin America’s Telemedicine and Digital Health meeting, – will have its 5th edition held on November 20-22, at Frei Caneca Convention Center, in São Paulo, having as main topic “Digital health for all.”

The announcement was made during a breakfast on March 2, at SNE Experience Studio, on the 3rd floor of Frei Caneca Mall, and had the presence of senior executives and decision makers in Health field who are interested in Digital Health, Telemedicine, innovation and technology from the Country and the press.

Promoted by São Paulo Medical Association (APM), the 2023 edition of the Global Summit APM will again bring together key players in the sector to debate the present and future of Telemedicine, Telehealth and Digital Health in Brazil and worldwide.

The expectation is that throughout all 3 days of the Global Summit 5th edition, to be held on-site, within a 5,700 sq m area, is to gather 1,500 congress participants and 40 sponsors, and bring countless opportunities to all Health ecosystem, by showing the diversity of today and the future. With a high level scientific agenda, the event will allow renowned experts to meet for more than 50 hours, with exclusive content, generated from more than 100 seminars, conferences and domestic and international panels, at five simultaneous stages.

The Global Summit APM 2023 structure will be wealthy in knowledge, experience sharing, networking and business, and will include varying topics, such as: Telemedicine regulatory aspects; Telemedicine in medical expertise; Mobile telehealth and health; Internet of Medical Things; Biosensors and wearables; Patient monitoring; Artificial intelligence and machine learning; Analytics & Big Data; Promotion to Health management and sick person management; Patient experience; Entrepreneurship and innovation; Startups; and Angel & Venture Capital.

The on-site event activities will be aimed at the entire Digital Health ecosystem, including representatives from medical equipment industry, Health products importers and vendors, Diagnostic medicine, health plan operators, information technology, educational institutions, physicians and managers of clinics, hospitals, companies and organizations, Health professionals, Health and healthtech service providers, government and public agencies.

“Our challenge is to bring the benefits of Telemedicine, Digital Health, and Telehealth to all, based on scientific and real-life evidence, and find effective solutions to problems and better clinical outcomes. Telemedicine and Telehealth legislation and regulation for public and private systems came to contribute to the continuity of people’s Health care, because they want this service at the comfort and security of their homes,” explained neurologist Jefferson Gomes Fernandes, Global Summit chairman.

He stressed that the event 2023 edition intends to, with its scientific agenda, extend discussions and knowledge, with high quality information, as well as allow for relationship and business in enriching and innovative manner, in fields that have been growing exponentially, transforming care in Health field.

The Global Summit APM 2023 launch breakfast also had the presence of APM chairman and Global Summit honorary chairman, José Luiz Gomes do Amaral, and also held international seminar “Navigating Healthcare systems: How Digital Health is Transforming Patient Care and Business Models,” with German interventional cardiologist and scientist Andreas Keck, expert in Innovation and Technology, whose focus was quantified medical and financial impact.

A look into the future

The Global Summit was founded by APM, in 2019, breaking all Medicine paradigms and looking into the future. Throughout its four editions, the congress hosted nearly 6 thousand participants, 170 partner companies, over 550 domestic and international speakers, 63 participating countries and generated 325 hours of exclusive content, intended for Digital Health ecosystem.

With the success of previous editions, the proposal for the Global Summit APM 2023 edition is to further extend debates on Medicine, Digital Health and technology trends and advancements in Brazil and worldwide.

Flávia Queiroz, Global Summit Product manager, concluded saying that “the Global Summit APM 5th edition will further actions along with congress participants, consolidating the profile of decision makers and building new partnerships, including medical expertise companies, with APM expertise, and specific focus on Digital Health ecosystem.”

About the Global Summit Telemedicine & Digital Health APM

The largest and most relevant Latin America’s Telemedicine and Digital Health meeting, lasting three days, the Global Summit APM, an initiative by the São Paulo Medical Association (APM), which brings together domestic and international experts to debate trends that are transforming the Health world. The agenda, focused on content experiences and business, includes topics in Telemedicine and Digital Health of interest for physicians, health professionals, institutions and Health entities, industry, academy and government, among others.

About São Paulo Medical Association

Representing physicians since 1930, the São Paulo Medical Association is present across the state of São Paulo through its 76 Regional Branches. Besides contributing to the drafting of Health and medical assistance qualification policies, APM makes efforts to value physicians in public and private health systems. It promotes various continued medical education activities, such as scientific events and APM’s Higher Education Institute (IESAPM), and provides services and benefits to members and society, including the Residencial APM and Hotel Fazenda APM.